07 November 2008

Future events to take place in Copenhagen, contact line@tendertask.com

03 October 2008

AUGUST: Hammershøi at the Royal Academy of Arts

Hammershøi's (1864-1916) quiet interiors and evocative city views painted within a small tonal range of implied greys, seem extremely modern and appealing in contemporary times. For the August event, Top Up introduces this exhibition that features over 60 paintings spanning the career of this celebrated Danish artist.

07 July 2008

JULY: Tal R paintings in London

Recommending the Tal R exhibition of paintings at the Camden Arts Centre.

25 May 2008

MAY Jesper Just at Victoria Miro

Five films - two from last year and three from this year - by Danish visual artist Jesper Just are screened at the renowned Victoria Miro gallery. Tate Modern London has already bought a piece by this artist. If you cannot join the club on Saturday 31 May, we highly recommend that you will take the time to go and take in these magical, psychologically challenging, stilistically impressive, and content strong films.

16 April 2008

APRIL at the T-building: creative hub

The art club met at the T-building, a former warehouse for tea that has been turned in to a creative hub for media and the arts. The T-building now hosts Rocket Gallery and Hales Gallery, and in the adjacent streets there are many more exhibition spaces of contemporary art. Line Rosenvinge guided through the current exhibitions, one of which was Danish Concrete, a survey show of Danish geometrical painting 1950-2000.

19 February 2008

MARCH The Street

Sunday 30 March, another East End event was launched in historical Wentworth Street (home to Petticoat Lane market) planned to become a huge space for contemporary art in an outreach project, conceived by the Whitechapel Gallery which has invited Danish art critic Lars Bang Larsen and General Public Agency to work with the artists commissioned to create art for The Street. The first artist is Nedko Solakov, whose work explores the potential of art to be a catalyst for social change. Working from a disused shop, the artist will navigate the context of the street through public interventions. Look forward to October, when Danish artist Jens Haaning will present his contribution for The Street.

30 January 2008

FEBRUARY Artist Talk: Daniel Salomon

Thursday 14 February, Danish-French artist Daniel Salomon introduced his work as a visual artist who works in all media. The talk was hosted at art and design shop MarMarco, off Brick Lane. Salomon talked about how the philosophy of the utopian world language Esperanto is an integral part of his artistic practice and act as a framework for his interest in science, marketing, food, politics, and more. Would there be peace if all spoke the same language? How do you find a global aesthetics? Salomon deals with these important issues in a body of work that is socially engaged and cool to look at. For his next project, he will present erotic poems in Esperanto!

11 January 2008

JANUARY Tour of the Art Street ...

Following the success of last year’s tour of the Vyner St galleries, we will repeat the format but the content will be new because the galleries have put on new exhibitions! Saturday 26 January there will be a chance to experience a great variety of art as Line Rosenvinge will guide you through the high-end commercial galleries and the low-key artist run initiatives in a street that counts more for contemporary art than ten exhibition spaces.

23 October 2007

DECEMBER tour at the Vyner St galleries

Early December, Top Up Art Club met for a tour of the galleries in Vyner Street, hot spot for London’s East End art scene. With more than 10,000 artists living and working in the borough, London East End can truly claim to be the art hub of Europe. A short walk from Bethnal Green tube station, one stop East of Liverpool Street Station, there is a street with over 10 galleries showing contemporary art!

21 September 2007

NOVEMBER a visit to the Eliasson Serpentine Pavilion

The Serpentine Gallery Pavilion 2007 in Kensington Gardens was designed by the world famous Danish artist Olafur Eliasson, and the distinguished Norwegian architect, Kjetil Thorsen. Eliasson became a household name in the UK with the huge success of his ‘burning sun’ - installation The Weather Project at the Tate Modern in 2003. The main gallery at the Serpentine Gallery showed new work (sculpture, film and anything in between) by American artist Matthew Barney, one of the most celebrated artists of the contemporary art world. Top Up Art Club meet up at the pavillion to experience the work of Eliasson and the quircky world of Barney.

16 September 2007

OCTOBER Frieze Art Fair Blast!!!

The leading contemporary art fair and the most glamorous event in London's art calendar. 150 contemporary galleries from around the world show their best under one roof in a specially designed structure in Regent’s Park. Over 60,000 visitors flock to the venue and the galleries report a total sale over £60 million. It all happens over the weekend! Financial Times calls the event ‘a phenomenon’ and Vogue lists Frieze as ‘an unmissable event’. The opening night will see leading art collectors, Hugh Grant, Kate Moss and the like mix with local art students. Top Up met for an informal guided tour around the fair with focus on Danish art fair presence, enjoyed lunch at Le Caprice Restaurant, and discussed the ways of the art of today.

Review and debate in Danish newspaper here http://information.dk/148718

SEPTEMBER LAUNCH Pre-preview with Artist Peter Callesen

Single Doublebed Bird trying to Escape its Drawing

On 12. September 2007 the Top Up Art Club met for the very first time for an informal pre-preview at emilyTsingou Gallery off Regent Street where the artist Peter Callesen introduced his most recent works. Using A4 size copy paper, he transforms dramatically this plain material into paper cut sculptures that explore the themes of utopia and tragedy drawing on mythologies, biblical stories and childhood memory. His images and narrations evolve around notions of death, decay, destruction and human failure. But you will also find a strong sense of poetry, and even humour. That is what make these art works such amicable reminders of the conditions of human life! These are artworks that can be read in seconds. But they are more clever than what meets the eye, and you will have to admit that it is not often you meet angel skeletons, birds trying to escape their drawing, bloody flowers becoming insects, and erected ruins with perfect shadows ...